Our Inspiration

There are approximately 54 million Latino/as living in the United States, making Latino/as the largest racial ethnic minority in the United States (U.S. Census, 2012). As Latino/as become the largest racial ethnic minority, California has become home to many of them. Latino/as make 52% of all k-12 student in California. Despite these numbers, we see far too few moving along the educational pipeline into higher education.

Latino/as are less likely to have a college degree than any other racial ethnic group in the United States. While two-thirds graduate high school, only one-third complete the requirements making them eligible to directly apply to four-year colleges and universities. A severe lack of opportunity, support, and guidance is jeopardizing the future of those within this underrepresented community, especially undocumented youth. Our hope is to help and support these underrepresented students thrive and reach their educational goals.